Thai Binh Duong Primary - Middle - High school (IPS) – a member of IGC Group – was founded on March 23rd, 2010. In 2015, IPS became the strategic partner of the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) – Cambridge University to provide the Cambridge international education programs from primary to high school.


The school is based on a 3,000-square-metre campus with two separate blocks dedicated to Primary and High School. The premises also boast cutting-edge facilities, enclosed schoolyards, as well as airy and safe Cambridge classrooms and function rooms. In the school year 2021–2022, IPS was the first high school in Dong Nai province to install a system of Maker - lab, Studio, etc. to aid students’ learning, creativity and scientific research activities.

The learning roadmap is formulated with details and consideration to address the learning needs of all students. IPS curriculum represents the consonance between the MOET’s national curriculum and international education programs, aiming to facilitate learners’ dynamism, certitude and language proficiency in both Vietnamese and English, so they can bravely and actively immerse in multi-cultural environments while upholding their unique national identity. The school adopts an advanced curriculum, modern pedagogical approaches coupling with testing and assessment schemes that can promote students’ motivation and autonomy in learning and research activities. With its profound worldwide networking, IPS offers its students top-notch competitions and learning courses, for example, American Mathematics Olympiads (AMO), Trinity College scholarships – Australia, Model United Nations (MUN) – A simulation of the United Nations General Assembly, the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, among many others.

In addition to competent and passionate Vietnamese teaching staff, IPS’s International curriculum is in charge by 100% native teachers with dedication to their work and students, and with tertiary credentials from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, etc. IPS teaching staff regularly attend training workshops provided by CAIE to gain access to modern educational methods.

Implementing the standardized nutrition guidelines, the school cafeteria develops its food safety ethnics, offers over 200-dish menus designed by a nutritionist with a Master's degree from Ghent University (Belgium) to flexibly tailor to students’ physical conditions and ages. The modern bus system operates on many routes, assisted with security cameras and child-carers on board to ensure the absolute safety of students on their journey to school.

At IPS, families and the school maintain consistent communication, creating a safe and loving environment where students can enjoy captivating learning times, reach their full potential while fulfilling their responsibility towards themselves, family and community.


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