Dear Parents and beloved students,
On behalf of our school, we proudly present this heartfelt message to Parents and students.


Embarking on the journey of education, we undertake the mission of empowering the young generations with all qualities and capacities to meet the demands of new era. This calling has driven us to seek answers to questions:

How to transform education to be student-centred? How to open students’ mind and fuel the thirst for knowledge, not fill the blank with facts? Going to great lengths with years of research and endless endeavours, and aided by productive training environment together with passionate and committed academic staff, we finally arrive at the right piece of answer to our quest.

At IPS, students are fostered in the safest and most enriching learning and playing environment. 

At IPS, instructive and diverse mainstream and extracurricular programs will inspire students to promote autonomous learning, enhance soft skills, practice critical thinking, nurture ambitious dreams, and shape career path for future. We are here to envision the answer to the very questions of the young: Who will I be? What can I do in the future?

At IPS, with the faith in our students’ powers to rise high and beyond the challenging national and international educational standards, the Vietnamese curricula are harmoniously combined with international programs to ambitiously arm students with the awareness of embracing and preserving the national identity, as well as the knowledge and fundamental skills of “global citizens”.

At IPS, our reliable and enthusiastic academic staff is committed to establishing a healthy, pioneering and enriching learning community. We posit that there should be no discrimination between nurturing a golden-hearted human and elevating his intellectual power. To this end, IPS asserts itself to be the home to the comprehensive and equal development of our students, and also to the dreams and the talents that would bloom beautifully..

CAt last, education is an endless pursuit, no matter at home or at school. This is the reason IPS wishes to maintain a consistent communication channel with parents to further facilitate the set goals, for the success of the young generations lies in our hands.

My best wishes to the Parents and our beloved students.

Best regards,